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Project Owner

Set up your campaign page in Simple Steps:

1. Create an Account and create your project in a few minutes!

  • Set your target amount. 
  • Set an image/video and project title that best describes your situation.

2. Tell your story

This can include photos and videos. A backer is likely to fund your project only when you pitch it well. We highly recommend that you create and upload a "pitch video". People spend on average 2.6x more time on pages with video than without. 79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service, than read text on a page. 

Our team will review your campaign/project/profile to ensure that it complies with the PleaseGiveHelp Terms and Conditions. 
We do not review your campaign/project/profile with an eye for writing or marketing skill. As long as your campaign/project/profile content abides by our terms and conditions we will accept it.
Should you need to create more than one cause/campaign, need email support and tips, review and editing of your campaign, please upgrade to one of our subscription packages.
Subscription Packages
3. Share your campaign
Don't feel shy. Reach out to your personal network-friends, alumni, colleagues, family, fans and followers via social media, text message, and email to ask for their support! You can share the link to your cause/project directly from our platform via the following social media:
4. Withdraw all the money you receive at any point in your fundraising journey. You keep the money you raised whether you meet your donation/fundraising target or not.
It is free to Create and Share Your Online Fundraising Campaign
Verification of Fundraisers and Beneficiaries
Building trust in our community is a top priority at PleaseGiveHelp. We want to ensure that donors have faith that their money is going to genuine causes. During the onboarding process and payment processing, our Risk & Compliance Team will verify fundraisers' identities. 
We're serious about security, so we encrypted every page of the platform with Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
Nonprofits and individuals can use the platform to raise funds for community or personal causes.
Raise funds for everything from personal health needs, school/university fees, an unexpected financial crisis, or for local projects like a community park.
While it is free to create and share your online fundraising campaign, PleaseGiveHelp retains 12% (excludes payment processing fees) of each donation made to cover our administrative costs and keeping the platform safe. A small payment gateway processing fee will also be deducted from each donation. 

Welcome to PleaseGiveHelp!

Thank you for your great generosity!

We, at PleaseGiveHelp greatly appreciate your support and your sacrifice. The generous support of individuals like you makes the world a better place.

Sometimes, giving can be a hassle to manage. Whether it is knowing how much to give and who to give to. But it Doesn't Have to be that way.

With PleaseGiveHelp, you can donate your money online via a trusted platform.

Here is how you can be one of the sponsors:
1. Pick a cause you are interested to support. 
2. Tap the project you want to support or tap the "Donate Now" button.
3. Enter your details.
4. Upload your photo (Optional)
5. Choose the amount you want to donate, write your support comment (optional).
6. Choose the payment method you prefer and click [Submit].
7. Enter your payment information and process payment.

Once a transaction is completed, no cancellation can be made.
Depending on the donation amount donors/backers will receive a Pen, T-Shirt, Cap or any other incentive that could be decided upon from time to time as a token of gratitude.
What are the options available to support?

Support can be made through credit cards, and online banking.
VISA, MasterCard and Debit Cards Are accepted.

Are transactions made safe?

All transactions in PleaseGiveHelp are safe. No credit card information is collected by PleaseGiveHelp.

Rest assured when you decide to donate.

Should you have any questions or if there are any issues, please contact us at

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