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Effortless podcast creation with AI
17 Aug 2023 Artificial Intelligence 0 Comments 116

Effortless podcast creation with AI

Starting a podcast can be overwhelming and pricey: gear, editing skills, and multiple subscriptions (recording, hosting, editing, show notes and video to name a few) add up. But the payoff is evident — just look at Hubspot which created a whole network of 32(!) podcasts.

Wondercraft is a podcast builder that leverages AI voices to let anyone go from idea to published podcast in minutes. For example, you can effortlessly re-purpose existing content (newsletters, blogs, interviews, recordings), to create engaging podcasts.

Wondercraft makes starting a podcast as easy as ever by offering the following features:

✅ Skip the recording process, by using hyper realistic AI voices?

✅ Clone your own voice in seconds, for a personal touch?

✅ Creating engaging episode content using LLM based script assistant?

✅ Publish your content directly to all major podcast directories (like Spotify and Apple)?

✅ Create custom audiogram videos and short clips for your social platforms?

✅ Translate to other languages✈️

✅ Generate timestamped show notes and transcript?

There are many unique uses for Wondercraft, but these are a few standout ones:

Startups and small businesses seeking to transform their blogs and notes into digestible podcasts or engaging video content.

Newsletters aiming to enhance their offerings with a companion podcast.

Publications aiming to curate a daily recap of their top posts from the previous day.

Educators keen on generating accessible and engaging content for their students.

Why not start your own today? Visit WonderCraftAI and Get Started.

Use code PHFAMILY50 (PH FAMILY FIFTY) to get 50% OFF your first month.

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